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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Super Woman Must Have Been a Housewife

There's no other way to get around it folks...superwoman was defiantly a housewife.  Forget this comic book hero crap.  She was the woman that got married and made babies then decided to give up her entire existence to love and care for them.  She's the woman that decided that the most important people in her life are her family and tirelessly works to serve them.  Superwoman is the wife that has a warm dinner on the table even when her darling husband comes home at midnight.  She's the mom who works hard to get her little one calmed down after his shots and off to bed constantly checking in on him and checking for a fever or rash.  She's the woman who in the middle of her day with her son and his first shots takes time out to run over to the hospital to comfort some family members while they are worried over someone who is very sick.  She then comes home and helps put the baby to bed and gets up feeling her stress and exhaustion and just deals with her headache and gets up for the day and gets going.  She does all the laundry and dishes, cleans up her house, and makes sure there are plenty of towels and soaps in the guest bath.  She washes the guest room sheets in case family needs to stay with her and she goes ahead and washes her own sheets after a week of spit up stains built up on them.  She is still up past 10pm despite her tiredness because she can't sleep without her man her SUPER man beside her at night.  She also knows he needs to eat something when he gets home and she wants to be there waiting up to greet him.  She also while waiting works on the laundry again to catch it all up.  She misses her mom and her husband and is very lonely but just deals with that as well because she knows her man is working hard to provide for her.

Superwoman isn't a comic book hero.  She doesn't fight crime but rather fights illness and dirty houses.  She doesn't wear some sexy tight costume but aprons, spit up stained t-shirts, and nursing tank tops.

She teaches her family about God and how Jesus loves them and without His grace and mercy they wouldn't have nearly as wonderful a life as they do.

She makes healthy meals for them and tries to keep herself full so she can nourish and feed her new baby every two hours.

She wakes up no matter how sick or tired she is to nurse that baby back to sleep and keep him happy and fed.

She makes time for her husband even when she's tired or has a headache because if she just keeps him happy and shows him attention and love he'll be a better husband and friend.

She even has time to take the dogs outside and feed them each day while walking around with the baby still eating from her breast and surely the neighbors see her at the door with her shirt up.

But she does it all because she's superwoman...superwife...supermom...SUPER WOMAN!