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Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to teach your kids about EASTER through an egg...

As I was up late tonight rocking my son to sleep I started to think about how I could merge the worlds of Easter bunnies and eggs into the reality of what Easter is all about.  Then it came to me, in Sunday school we compared the trilogy of God, Christ Jesus, and The Holy Spirit to an egg's shell, white, and yolk.  So here's the story of Easter's true meaning in an "egg" shell. :)

Here is a simple little egg
There are three parts to this egg
There is the shell
Then the white
And finally the yolk

The egg as a whole represents the God-head, all three in one.  There is God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  Each are separate parts and yet all make up the same thing, just as the egg is three separate parts all making up one egg.

The egg's shell represents God.  It is hard and protects the inside parts like God is strong and protective of all the things He made and loves.  It is also gentle and with a simple tap can be broken up to reveal more just like God is gentle and loving and gave us the Bible to reveal more to us about Him.

The egg's white represents Christ Jesus.  The white reminds of that Jesus died so that his blood would wash us white as snow.  Our sins are covered and gone and we are made new and pure as white as the whites of an egg.

The yolk represents the Holy Spirit.  It is at the center of the egg just as when we accept Jesus the Holy Spirit enters into the very center and core of our hearts and lives.  Also when you crack open the egg and poke the yolk it spreads everywhere it can.  The Holy Spirit also will spread anywhere and everywhere there is a heart willing and ready to accept the gift God gave of his son Jesus.

So you see, the eggs at Easter really can mean more than just a colored prize to find in the grassy hiding spots they are placed by a bunny.  They can also show your child the wonders of Christ and tell the true story of why we are celebrating Easter.

I suggest dying hard boiled eggs RED to show Jesus Blood was shed to make us PURE on the inside (show the whites).  And you can do a runny egg yolk experiment as well to show the spreading of the Spirit.

The most amazing thing I as an adult am just coming to understand is how if God/Jesus/Holy Spirit are all the same thing then that means the when I asked the Holy Spirit to enter into my heart, He came in and brought God and Jesus along too.  So that means that I have God inside of me and I am far more powerful with Him than I can ever possibly imagine.  

Happy Easter to all my friends and loved ones and I hope you can use this to teach a short but simple message of Jesus to your little ones.


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