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Monday, September 30, 2013

In response to....

The article I came across today was quite thought provoking:

Deep thoughts on love....I do believe you can love many people in many ways in life.  You can love friends like a family member, love family less like family and more like friends, love your "The One" and sometimes even after that love someone else in different ways.  Love can grow, change, deeper, lessen, get better, fall apart....but the truth of all of these things is this kind of Love is human emotion, raw, and wrecked.  Biblical love, the kind that makes that old couple last forever, now that kind of love takes WORK, hard work, and it takes realizing that just because you may feel emotional human love over and over again, that it doesn't mean you always run towards it, sometimes you have to let it be and just stay in your biblical love with the one you chose and promised you always would.  And most of the time if you trust in biblical love, stick it out, and choose to stay and work hard on it, you will experience the highest of emotional loves that is humanly possible.  You may even realized that the emotional love you started out attracted to your spouse by is now so much deeper that you are that cute old couple who has lasted and stood the tests of time.  Don't give up on the one you chose, and don't fall for the emotional love traps, they are great, they feel so right, but they don't last as long as holding out for your forever love. :)

Jesus didn't stop loving you, and He didn't let His human emotions lead Him to sin against His father.  So don't let you human emotions take off with your heart...use your head and your soul and that wonderful Holy Spirit to make the right choices and stick it out and work hard to have the everlasting love of both our savior to us and us to our mate.

Love you,