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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Public Display of Hooters...

So I mentioned yesterday that we would have a discussion on nursing aka breastfeeding in public.

Legally in the state of Missouri where I currently reside it is 100% legal to expose one's self in a public place for the purpose of feeding an infant child.

Here is the current law which also asks that hospitals provide breastfeeding information as well as lactation consultants and information about breastfeeding support groups.

So my thoughts on the matter are as follows:

Breastfeeding a baby is the most beautiful and wonderful thing a mother can do.  The benefits are amazing for both physical health for mom and babe as well as emotional and mental heath.  I honestly believe breastfeeding him is preventing me from becoming a post-partum depression case because the endorphins being released while nursing him make me so happy and takes away any feelings of frustration I may have experienced if I weren't nursing.

I love nursing my son, even with a month of problems on my right breast where the pain radiated through my entire body, to a cracked nipple that just wouldn't heal, to having to use yeast cream and triple antibiotic ointment on my breast to help heal the deepest crack a human could have on a nipple, it's all worth it to see him happy and smiling after he's been fed.

Pause I am being summoned to feed...

Ok I'm back FINALLY. :) Anyways I'm all for breastfeeding.  Having said that and shown my opinions on the benefits of it and how great it really is for everyone involved, I am not a huge fan of PDH (Public Display of the Hooters).

What I mean is that nursing is great, and nursing in public is something we all have to do at times.  But there are things called Hooter Hiders (nursing covers) and there are dressing rooms and sometimes even nice nursing rooms or family areas with nursing spaces that we can use.  I'm 100% against using a public bathroom because that's just gross and who wants to eat their steak dinner on a public toilet.  So if no private areas can be found, sure nurse your child in public.  Nurse right at the restuarant table if you need to, whatever makes that little bundle happy.  But cover yourself up!  No one should have to see your boob.  Just because it's legal doesn't make it right.  If my son was 7 years old and had to go to a store or restuarant and see some woman's breast even if it was to nurse her child, I as a parent would be a bit upset and have a lot of explaining to do to my son when I get home.  There's really no reason to completely expose the breast when feeding.  Most of us get experienced enough to feed a baby with a blanket or our shirts hiding the "goods". 

So as you can see I'm all for nursing in public and think it's a wonderful thing to do and if anyone has a problem with it they will learn what mamma bear's fury is all about, but I will vow right here and now to always keep my nursing discreet and private as much as I can and not just WHIP IT OUT for the whole world to see. :)

Thanks for listening and please comment your opinions and thoughts on public nursing and whether it is ok to expose it or leave it "under wraps" or whether you are so grossed out that you don't even like to see it happen even with a cover-up (which if you feel that way you're going to hate me).


  1. I feel the same yet different than you. I am a rather modest type of person so for me personally flashing my boobs to strangers is not something I want to do. I remember my first time nursing "in public" I was at a craft fair and several older ladies noticed what I was doing and smiled which made me feel very good. My son does NOT like to be covered up so he makes it hard! Sense then I have nursed him several places (a ball game, resturants, in hobby lobby haha etc) I always put a blanket so you can't see any of my skin so I would say I am as discret as you would also be.
    Now here is where I am different. My child really hates his face being covered while eating (he likes to look around usually) so if he kept fighthing the cover and I had to feed him with no cover I would (in fact sometimes I just make sure someone can't see my skin but really I can look down and see him latched on) I personally feel like if a mama had to expose herself a bit to get the job done so be it. I don't think any mama would want to just flat walk around shirtless under the breastfeeding exuse so my thoughts are as long as they are not just all flopped out for no reason I don't really care. I mean lets be honest if you are going to see nip while a baby is being fed its going to be a very breif glimpse. AND I would also like to see breastfeeding in public happening alot more!

    I don't know if I am handleing this correctly but I do have a 9 year old son, and I don't leave the room to feed the baby. I simply say hey I am going to feed your brother and he knows to look away and not look my way so I can get him latched on (I usually always wear nursing tanks so my belly doesn't hang out) After that I don't worry about it, I HOPE I am teaching him that boobs are not just a sexual object (not that I flash my boobs to him or anything of that sort) but also the best way a mother can provide for her child. When he gets married and has babies I hope he is able to be supportive of his wife and encourage her to breastfeed. And on the same note I hope my daughters are learning the same things. So if they seen someone nursing in public even if they did get alittle flash they will already know "she is feeding her baby, that is what is best for that baby" and not think another thing about it.

    Sorry got alittle long on ya haha

    1. I really appreciate the insight. I'm with you on that as modest as we can be is the best we can do, but there are times when we just have to do what's best for our children and not worry about the public opinion. I think a little tiny boob flash is much better than what I was thinking in my head which was a story my mom told me about a woman walking around walmart with her giant boob hanging out feeding a two year old in a shopping THAT isn't being discreet where "mostly" covered still is! Thanks again.


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