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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I used to be the one staring...

Well we decided today to get out and shop with our little dude.  Went to Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby for a few coupon spends.  Got really lucky with a JUMBO pack of pampers swaddlers (my favorites) and was able to actually use several manufacturers coupons with a store coupon and got a 210 pack of diapers and a jumbo thing of dreft for about $53 bucks.  Sounds like a lot but we saved over $21 in coupons so I felt GREAT!  We also got a pee pee teepee for our son's wee wee LOL!  We got two new Rockabye Baby CDs, the Beatles 2 and the Queen ones.  LOVE THEM!  We also got a drying rack and me some Motherhood jammies.  It was a good shopping trip.  Thanks to both stores for having awesome nursing rooms for us moms because it sure kept my baby happy for those trips.

Now for the good part, we tried to go to Joe's Crab Shack for the first time.  Not the best place to go with a newborn because you get covered in spices and juices from the meat and it's very hard to crack crab with a newborn in your arms.  I used to be the one staring at all these babies bawling and wish the parents would stop the crying and take the kid out of the room or away from us so we could enjoy the quiet.  Now here I am a new mom and my kid was crying and I did take him to the bathroom to change him, I tried to comfort and quiet him but even after the change he was still mad.  So with him bawling I took him back to the table, got lots of evil looks and stares, and I fed him a pumped bottle of breastmilk and didn't enjoy my meal that much until after he was full and sleepy again.  Thank heavens he went back to sleep and I was able to enjoy my dinner and my hubbie helped keep him calm.  Note to self: It's very hard to put a pacifier in a baby's mouth when you're hands are covered in spices and goo.  Another note to self: Newborns may sleep a lot but it's still not easy to go to dinner with a baby PERIOD.

At some point I decided that even though I used to stare at others and their annoying crying babies and kids throwing tantrums, I am now a mother and will probably be stared at for several more years as my little guy grows and goes through these same phases.  There's not much I can do about it, and why should I have to give up a meal just so others can enjoy the quiet time of theirs? :)  So stare away people, I'm not going to stop eating where I want to eat just because you don't like to hear my baby cry.  It's not like I don't immediately try to quiet and comfort him and you can just mind your own darn business GOT IT?

And for my next post, we'll discuss nursing in public and how people can just get past their feelings on that topic as well.  If my girls are covered up and you can't see them what on earth is the problem?  My son is hungry and I need to feed him.  Now I haven't actually nursing him in public YET, but that day is coming and I dare anyone to say something negative about it to my face :) This mamma bear will defin go off on whoever dares be the first to complain about it.


  1. Rachel, I am LOVING your blog!! I have thought about doing this and you might have given me the push! You are so right on about being a SAHM!

  2. I agree with Alicia, I have thought about blogging but never took the step and you make me want to do it!
    Secondly what is a peepee teepee and do I need one for my sons weewee haha


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