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Friday, January 27, 2012

Living a Zombie Lifestyle

I used to be the type of person that would sleep 10 hours.  Practically every day I'd have to have about 10 hours of sleep.  I asked the Dr. about it and they said for some people that's their normal.

Then I had a baby.  Now I'm so happy and refreshed after about a 3 consecutive hour sleep.  It's amazing how I can force myself awake at the tiniest peep and get all ready to nurse my son no matter what the clock says.  For the first few sleep deprived nights I admit I got a little bit frustrated at getting woken up and feeling so out of it, but now I honestly cherish every single middle of the night feeding and don't mind the sleep deprived person I am because I LOVE these little moments of awake times with my son.

Yesterday he was so tired and quiet nearly all day long and you know it sounds nuts but I wanted him to wake up a little upset because at least then he needed me.  I wanted him to need me.  But he didn't all day and all evening UNTIL about 11pm when I came home from a "Mom's Night Out" which by the way was a wonderful couple of hours with other stay at home moms and I highly suggest anyone that can join a mom's group.  Anyway LAD was up until 1am but then slept for four hours so it wasn't so bad.  Anyways long story short, I love my baby, don't mind never sleeping 8 hours straight through and wouldn't change these little moments for the world since they don't last too long and it's just so darn precious.

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