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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ok it's about time I really did something to loose 20 lbs before I'm still trying to at 500lbs :)

So it begins,  it's time to move my butt, eat better, and loose this weight and get back into shape.  There is no more excuses or reasons to feel so bad about myself and my saggy and fat body.  Time to get it back to high school hotness.  Here's an article to motivate me TOP 10 WAYS to Lose 20 Pounds and a picture to help me eat better. 
I'm also going to start logging my eating habits and exercise into My Fitness Pal app.  Please join me on my journey and blogging my healthy living start up.

Also for those reading that have know me dealing with my PPD and other issues, I have finally weaned off medication (zoloft) down to about 25mg every 3-5 days when my head gets a tad dizzy.  I feel more energy (even when I was dealing with severe  RLS and not sleeping at night) and I feel myself again.  Sure I'm a tad moody at times and I definitely have my burst into tears at every sentimental moment, but that's really me and I'm glad to have me back versus the emotionless pit that I was before who slept til noon before she could function each day.  I'm glad to have my life back and hoping it gets better as I try to exercise and eat better. :)

I'm also now using recommended by Dave Ramsey for our meal planning.  One week's menu is lasting our small family about 2-3 weeks due to leftovers.  I'm also doing freezer meal parties through Hy-vee so if you have one of those check out their club room for programs like ours.

Have a great night!