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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mental Health is NOT "Mind over Matter"

I Am Adam Lanza's Mother-article by Lisa Long 

This is the real issue here!! I know children like this. Just scared kids themselves, sure they may look like adults, but they feel and act like scared children. They hit, kick, push, pull, punch the people trying to comfort them when the
ir on a sensory overload. Afterwards they apologize for their outburst and hug the person they just tried to do bodily harm to. It's a hard and scary world. It has many names, autism spectrum, behavioral disorders, ext. Their parents life in a virtual hell of trying to find a way to their children's deepest thoughts or a way to just survive the day. Some speak, some cannot speak. We are a nation full of mental illness, full of children and adults with no help, no where to go, no one to turn to. SOMEONE needs to step up and put an end to this tragedy! Mental health needs to be a public topic. We need better care, better facilities, and more resources. This shouldn't be hush hush, and those suffering from PTSD and PPD shouldn't feel like they are crazy and giving up on faith for needing and using medication. We need to accept and love those that are suffering, reach out, educate, help and listen to our friends and family. Please read this and learn more about mental illnesses. They are real and they need more than just "mind over matter" answers.

My story on PPD will be posted at some point...still working out the details I want to share.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Today was a very "crappy" day!

Let's just start off by saying that I sure hope no child ever got sick or worse from putting things in their mouth that are to an average intelligent adult NOT okay to put in your mouth!!!

So we got home from MOPS (Mother of Pre-Schoolers) today and my check engine light came on in the car on the way home.  Knowing I needed an oil change and that my horn and turn signals were acting up and I was driving a death trap that way, I decided to call up my husband's aunt and have her pick LAD and I up at the car place and drop the car off for some work.  So after hauling his giant Maxi Cosi Pria car seat into her car (which by the way is SOOO nice compared to my old clunker and it sure makes a difference putting a car seat into an SUV versus a 99' POS Malibu LS.  Anyways after I got him buckled in and the car dealings were done we came home and had some lunch and took a long afternoon nap.  Sounds wonderful but I forgot to mention what came before the wonderful long naps.  So my son pooped, happens all the time right, sure...I can handle this!  I changed his diaper and gently set him down over the baby gate in the living room and settled into the hall bathroom for my own quiet time with the john.  After I hear some strange gassy sounds coming from my living room and thinking to myself oh great I just changed you kid, I leave the bathroom and enter the living room only to see my son sitting on the floor next to a pile of something brown and realized quickly it was NOT his brown leggo toys.  You probably have guessed that the brown subject was dog poop, esp if you know that I own two yorkies which are the world's most horrible dogs to potty train despite their completely adorable little faces...I digress.  So my son is touching the poop and there is poop on his sweet little chin and I can only imagine how long he was there squishing it before mommy came running to save him.  I wash his hands immediately in a panic, then his face, then strip all his clothes off because his socks and pants have poo on them, and then brush his teeth and try to get his mouth rinsed out.  Then I plop him down into the pack n play and go get the steam cleaner and take about 20 minutes with a hot steam machine on the smashed into the carpet mess.  After all that is said and done I remember to give LAD his antibiotics from his sore throat (sure doesn't hurt to have some more after eating dog poo) and then scoop him up and realize that...oh yes, he had filled his diaper AGAIN and those noises I heard were definitely him messing up the perfectly clean diaper I just put on him.  So off we go to change him and clean him up and then whew...NAPTIME!  It never comes soon enough. Needless to say I'll be going to bed early tonight!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Adventures in NO SLEEP LAND

We are still waking up about 2-4 times every night.  My son is addicted...yes ADDICTED to breastfeeding.  I have probably screwed him up for life by allowing him to always comfort nurse and letting him nurse himself to sleep.  And because I refused to let him "cry it out" he's always been rocked and nursed to sleep and even back to sleep again, and again, and AGAIN.  I'm exhausted, I'm so tired of nursing, and I wish it was all behind us and he was just sleeping soundly through about 12 hours of night time.  But you know what, on the bright side he is a beautiful angel and won't always want to nurse or be held or rocked by me.  So even though it's 3am and I'm a total zombie, I'm going to love on this baby as long as I can.  When he goes and marries that bratty girl that I hate and leaves his mommy in the dust for someone else's bust, well I'm going to miss him and ache for him and wish he was still my sweet little boy.  So what if I stay in my pajamas until noon or later and just cuddle him up and take two hour naps in my bed with him.  So what if I'm a zombie before the afternoon sun is going.  I love my baby, and I am willing to sacrifice a few years of all nights sleep to keep him happy, healthy, and knowing that he's my #1 and loved.  So if you see me out and about and I stink or have totally forgotten makeup and a hairdo again, please smile and tell me I look great and smell beautiful.  I'll smile back and tell you my new fragrance is baby snot and puke.  Anyways, at least for today, I'm learning to get going, love life, and occasionally I do get a shower...most days. :)