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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth...SLEEP ISSUES!

So I'm thinking about renaming this blog..."Please Can I Get Some Personal Time and Some Sleep!"

We are having sleep struggles.  Of course right when this occurs he's usually sick or fighting off something, or he's teething, so trying any new cry it out tactics is making me feel like about the size of an ant.  But man some days I really wish it were easier to just put this baby in his bed and let him go to sleep like all my cry it out friends swear happens.

I do have this one friend with great kids that both are in bed by 8pm meanwhile she has 10 women laughing hysterically in her house for two hours and you don't hear one peep.  She was a cry it out mom. 

So what have I really done wrong here?  Did allowing my son to nurse to sleep or rock and walk with him cause him to have lifelong problems.  Or do I follow Dr. Sears on this one and realize that if I left him to cry he'll have some severe psychological damage.  Who is right here?  Sleep methods are all over the place.  What's a confused new mom to do?  Who do you listen to?  If I listen to my own instincts you'll get a different idea every night.  If I google I just get more and more pissed at the conflicting results.  Not one method works for all, but what does work??? Because my kiddo still won't sleep good and still keeps waking up and freaking out and not going back to sleep without the boob and some cuddling.

Now I should be happy he likes to rock and cuddle right? But NO not all the time does he even like or want this.  Sometimes he throws a tantrum when I try things that used to work.  Sometimes he wants to just be left alone or put down.  How do you ever know what they want?  I sometimes wish he'd talk so I can just give him what he wants or reason with him that he needs to just stay in bed and shush until he's tired.

Babyhood is horribly hard.  Just told my friend I'd seriously buy him the moon if he'd be comfortable, calm and ok for the night.

Well he's screaming again and not stopping on his own this time so I'll stop here...


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