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Friday, October 5, 2012

Cry it out vs. love it out of em'

So I could do the cry it out thing right...I mean it swears to keep my kid sleeping soundly through the night for life.  Promises me little sleep for a few days but then it's over and he's a bona fide self soothing angel.  All I have to do is toughen him up by letting him scream bloody murder from his crib until he pukes his guts out and I have to go in there and clean him up and change his jammies and sheets and then start it over again while he's still screaming because now NOTHING will calm him down.

Yea...scratch that method.

So I could rock him like I always have and occasionally offer a boob to calm him down and let him fall peacefully asleep in my arms and lay him down drowsy and let him drift off to dream land.  Usually this does work for us, until...

TOP TEETH PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's getting top teeth.  You know they say if adults had to suffer the pain of teething we'd never make it through.  Well men wouldn't, women have been through worse struggles such as well...birthing that precious ball of love that's currently crying all night in pain.

So do I give him some pain meds and let him be?  Sometimes, it does help him out once in awhile but not always.

It's so funny to because twice this week we were just hanging out sitting on the couch with each other and both of us fell asleep.  Why can't night time be this easy?

So I did something crazy.  At midnight in my tired stupor I got on and I bought something.  We're going to pray that this crazy impulse buy works.  I mean it has to right?  It has like 7 types of noises, a projector of 3 different neato pictures on the ceiling, a timer and it's voice activated and super neat blue light for nighttime.  It HAS to help!!

If you want to try one yourself it's the Munchkin Nursery Projector roughly 20-30 bucks depending on where you buy it.

I'll let you know....wish us luck. And why on earth can't night time be as easy as the daytime naps are????  In the words of my sis in law, this too shall pass.  But right now it sure feels more like Gandalf is on that bridge leading to perfectly good sleeping saying YOU SHALL NOT PASS.

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