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Thursday, July 4, 2013

It really is just like the commercial...

YES, there is one product that I just switched to that I swear I was just exactly like the commercials.

Here's the story:

So, I bought my son some cute little shorts and polos off one of the area swap shops on facebook.  Yes I've also become a swap addict, but that's a post for another day.  So I got his new clothes home and of course like any good mom I washed them in our laundry.  They smelled really good before I placed them into the laundry to wash, but I always want to rewash things that I buy him.  So I did and guess what??  They came out smelling amazing STILL.  Hmm...I held my nose into them, I sniffed them on my son's body, I was obsessed with how good these things smelled.  So fresh, so clean, so perfect. IS THIS AMAZING STUFF?  I had to know.  So I did what any awesome person does and I messaged this woman I bought them from and asked her....WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU USE TO WASH YOUR CLOTHING?  She said the obvious...GAIN.  Oh my goodness, she uses GAIN. I've just played right into every single one of their commercials and I am obsessed with a smell.  I'm walking around with my nose buried in clothing smelling of GAIN.  So of course I went out and bought it.  And I still love the smell.  I still pull laundry out from the dryer or wash and sniff it a ton.  I'm so totally just like their commercials that it is cracking me up.  I've got it bad for GAIN.

And NO I was not paid to advertise them, or put their name in ALL CAPS, or anything else.  I really am just a normal mommy who was impressed with the smell and now impressed with how long it lasts and how clean my clothing is.  Thanks GAIN. :)

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