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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We've had a lot of trouble the last couple days.  About noon Sunday LAD started to fuss and he didn't stop the entire night and next day.  He was hard to get down for naps, impossible to hold and play with, hard to keep fed because he always wanted more, and just an all over difficult baby.  I knew it wasn't his fault, and I figured the hunger was brought on by a big growth spurt, but nonetheless I still got frustrated and exhausted and just wanted him happy again.  I kept clinging to these pictures on my phone taken minutes before the fall out of him grinning huge and so happy.  What had happened to my little happy baby.  The baby the would easily be soothed and always wanted to smile and talk to me?  It was horrible.  He cried no matter who held him and no matter how he was held.  He didn't like anything and believe me we tried all the tricks.  I finally went to my best friend Senor Google.  Senor Google told me that lots of moms out there experienced a six week fall out.  It's a growth spurt age that makes a starving and cranky child.  After learning that it was much easier to realize that soon it would all be over with and he'd be on the road to a happier baby and sleeping through the night (eventually).  You know it's so hard with the sleeping thing, I thought our new bath routine was really working because he was sleeping almost 5 hours a night.  Then the six week fallout came and it's barely two-three hours again.  I struggle daily with wanting to give up breastfeeding because not only is he still not sleeping good, but I'm STILL cracked to all hell on the right side.  I've tried nastatin ointment, triple antibiotic ointment, something I'd never heard of called Gentian Violet.  Nothing is really working.  Still huge crack and still very sore....will it ever end?  And I know moms who use formula are already enjoying a full night's sleep.  I wish it were me.  But I also learned a new manta from another Senor Google search.  "NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR WORST DAY, ONLY GIVE IT UP ON YOUR BEST DAY!" So onward we press still breastfeeding every two hours, still exhausted, but still very much in love and awe of what I have created and am starting to raise, and teach.  More on teaching later...

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  1. You used Gentian Violet to help with the crack? I have heard of that but thought it was only for if you had thrush or something? Have you tried giving it lots of air? I am sure you have tried everything but that was my best idea. Or have you tried seeing a LC about the crack? That sure is a long time to be cracked! I was cracked some at first and I have what looks like a scar!! Darn it! Anyways Scotty is 5.5 months old...and we still get up every 3-4 hours at night. Part of me is soooo envious of the moms you talk about who have babies sleeping through the night...the other part of me thinks HA they should be envious of us! They don't get that special time with their babies that we do while breast feeding, our babies are getting THE BEST for them! I promise as time goes it gets easier and easier! We don't have to pack up bottles and formula and god knows what else because I don't do it, just to run to the store, We not only supported and cared for and nutured our babies for 10 months inside out body...we are still doing it! We Rock!


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