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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Learning the alphabet through foods

Kids LOVE to learn with food!  So I created a list of all the letters of the alphabet and some foods that are as kid/toddler friendly as possible and healthy as I can find for you.

A: Apples, applesauce, alfredo, almond, avocodo
B: Bread and butter, Bean dip, Bacon (turkey), Banana, broccoli
C: Cheese, celery, cottage cheese, cream cheese, Cantaloupe, crackers (whole wheat), carrot
D: Dijon, dip, dill pickle, diced tomato, dino chicken nuggets,dates
E: eggs, edamame, ear of corn, enchiladas,eggplant
F: fish, fresh fruit, fries, fig, French toast,falafel
G: grapes, gorgonzola cheese, green onions, green pepper,
H: ham, honey nut cheerios, honey, humus, honey mustard, hotcakes
I: ice cream, icy pop, Italian sausage pizza, Iceberg lettuce
J: Juice, jam, jelly, jambalaya,
K: kiwi, kielbasa, kale
L: lemon, lime, leek, lima bean, lasagna, lentils
M: maraschino cherry, monkey bread, mayo, maize *corn, mashed potato, mandarin oranges, muffins, mud pie
N: nutella, nuts, nectarine, Nilla wafers, nutter butters,
O: oranges, oatmeal, oreo, okra, orzo rice,
P: pineapple, pimento spread, peaches, pears, plums, pumpkin, punch, pancakes, potato
Q: quiche, quesadilla, queso,quince
R: Raisin, raspberries, rice, radish, ranch, ravioli, red pepper, rhubarb, ramen noodles, rigatoni, ricotta cheese, rolls, roast, ribs,
S: strawberries, salmon, salad, salami, salsa, sandwich, spinach, steak, soup, squash, spaghetti, sweet potato, swiss cheese
T: teddy grahams, turnip, t-bone, tomato, tuna, trix cereal, taco, tilapia, tater tot, tenderloins, toast, turkey, tofu,
U: upside down cake, udon noodles, ugli fruit
V: venison, veggies, velveeta cheese, Vienna sausages,
W: watermelon, waffles, water, wafers, walnuts, wedding cake flavored anything
X: Chex, crispix, trix, kix,
Y: yolk, yellow pepper, yams, yogurt,
Z: zucchini, ziti, zebra cakes, zuppe (Italian for soup) Zingers

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